How to Choose a Perfect Black Car for Your Next Event?

Perfect Black Car for Your Next Event

Have you ever booked a chauffeured car nearby to take care of your transportation to an important event or special occasion? You surely know that there are a lot of types of vehicles to choose from, and at first, it may seem a bit overwhelming.

How to Save Money This Holiday Season

How to Save Money This Holiday Season

It’s no secret that Holidays can lighten one’s wallet significantly, and it can be challenging to find a perfect balance and not spend too much money on gifts, trips, and food. Although Holidays are the right time to treat yourself and others for all the hard work during the year, not everyone can afford expensive gifts, first-class flights, and high-end restaurants. 

October in Milwaukee: 3 Events That You Shouldn’t Miss

October in Milwaukee - 3 Events That You Shouldn’t Miss

It’s not news that October in Milwaukee is super fun and exciting. All residents and regular visitors will agree that the fun doesn’t stop once the summer is over – on the contrary, October brings even more interesting events. From rock concerts to Halloween preparations – you can be sure that you’ll find at least one thing (if not more!) to enjoy. So, if you opt for a fall vacation this year, Milwaukee never disappoints. 

Springtime in Milwaukee with AJ Limo Nearby

Springtime in Milwaukee

Rise and shine Milwaukeeans! Let’s welcome March with open arms, and enjoy everything it has to offer! Winter’s slumber will be over soon and with it, all the winter blues (hopefully) long gone. Spring may be the perfect time to start celebrating life, and if you live in Milwaukee the opportunities to do just that are fabulous. In the mood to get started? Here’s what’s up:

Why Should You Book the Nearest Executive Car Rental for Your Next Meeting in Milwaukee?

Book the Nearest Executive Car for Your Next Meeting in Milwaukee

Let’s talk business! In the last AJ blog, there was the talk of delightful December events, and before that, the main focus was on various sports events that involve our dear Brewers and Packers. Since baseball season starts only at the end of February and there’s even longer wait for football season to begin (your favorite Milwaukee limo company nearby will be there for you even then, don’t worry), it seems like a perfect time to get down to business!

2018 Milwaukee December Delights (No Sports Events This Time Around)!

2018 Milwaukee December Delights

Enough with the sports guys! Doesn’t it feel like this blog section turned into ESPN? Since September it’s all you could read was Brewers this, Packers that… Well, enough’s enough! If you want to rent a limo near my location at the best price to get to any of future sporting events, AJ Limo Milwaukee will be there for you, but this particular post will be about some non-sporting activities.