100th Years of Green Bay Packers With AJ Limo Milwaukee

Green Bay Packers With AJ Limo Milwaukee - Airport Limo

As we discussed last week, baseball season is nearing its end. By the end of September, there will be no more baseball games for us to take part in. But as previously mentioned, sports fans need not despair, for the football season is only at its early stages. You still have plenty of time to get your tickets, get your game face on, gather your friends, and possibly… find a limo my location to Lambeau Field?

Baseball Season Ending: Let’s Cheer for Our Brewers While We Can!

Baseball Season Ending: Let's Cheer for Our Brewers While We Can

The weather channel is announcing partly sunny, partly thunderstormy September in Milwaukee. We are to expect a period of somewhat pleasant temperatures in our lovely town, with plenty of sports and music events to entertain us while colder weather slowly creeps in! And, yeah, we know, just as the football season is slowly beginning, the baseball season is nearing its end. It’s a bittersweet circle of life, true, but still – Brewers fans won’t despair (yet), for there are still a few more games left to catch!

Let’s Sing Together! From Now On, AJ Limo Milwaukee is Taking You To Your Favorite Concerts!

AJ Limo Milwaukee is Taking You To Your Favorite Concerts!

Music matters. It matters for our emotional, spiritual, academic and mental alignment, for processing, understanding and (re)living things we thought we’d never get back. Music is movement, feeling and meaning, it’s a powerful, vibrant tool that offers encouragement, understanding, and amplification. No matter how tentative or aggressive your emotional dispositions are, you’ll find solace in music, its lyrics, and melodies, the messages it’s wholeheartedly sending out to those in need of support.

Wisconsin Ironman Race 2018: Challenge and Treat Yourself in One Go! Because, Why Not?

Wisconsin Ironman Race 2018

This weekend you’ll have a chance to attend (or possibly participate) in Wisconsin IRONMAN Race. The motto of the triathlon reads “Swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, run 26.2 miles, brag for the rest of your life”. It takes a special kind of dedication and months and months of strategic planning and training if one wants to put his body to test in this extreme way. Truly, it’s nothing short of an extraordinary challenge, and anyone who dares to take part in it truly gets all the bragging rights in the world!