Baseball Season Ending: Let's Cheer for Our Brewers While We Can

The weather channel is announcing partly sunny, partly thunderstormy September in Milwaukee. We are to expect a period of somewhat pleasant temperatures in our lovely town, with plenty of sports and music events to entertain us while colder weather slowly creeps in! And, yeah, we know, just as the football season is slowly beginning, the baseball season is nearing its end. It’s a bittersweet circle of life, true, but still – Brewers fans won’t despair (yet), for there are still a few more games left to catch!

If you try to change the little calendar icon to October on the Brewers official website, you’ll be shown a small yellow notification with a disclaimer “No games are scheduled for the dates you selected”. And although those nine meager words do fill out our hearts with dread, we’ll try to sweep our sadness under the caret and squeeze the most fun out of this limited time of baseball season we do have left. Sooooo, any ideas on how to do it in comfort and style?

Well… Since you already asked, let’s bounce some ideas around:

Maybe the limo rental near my location could help out with the baseball-related *autumn-time sadness*? We don’t claim that it would make the pain completely go away, we wouldn’t dare! But you know what they say… Money can’t buy you happiness (nor the prolongation of baseball season *sigh*), but it can buy you limo rentals near me which is basically the same thing?

All kidding aside, think about it!

Brewers are playing New York Giants this weekend (7-9th), Pittsburgh Pirates the next (14-16th), Washington Redskins after that (17-19), and last weekend of September (28-30th) they play against Detroit Tigers. Meaning, the true fans of our cherished Brewers have their tickets prepared, and their only other concern is “How do I get to the Miller Park?

There are few options you can take advantage of, but AJ Limo Milwaukee team thinks of your ultimate game experience when they wholeheartedly recommend the customizable limo service. When it comes to arrivals from O’Hara to Miller Park it’s around 74 miles away and from Mitchell Airport to the same place it counts measly 16 miles tops. And you know which team is the best for that job? Or as a matter of a fact, who’s the company you can rely on for any kind of transportation needs you have? The team of traffic and logistic experts gathered under one roof, ready to cater your every whim? The name is AJ, but you already guessed that.

Customizable Limo Service - Baseball Season Ending

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The same goes for the end of this years baseball season! Especially for that! Gather your friends and treat yourself to a luxurious limousine ride nearby. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg truly! Check out our rates, and keep in mind that we have  special prices for all our sports lovers out there, with up to 12 hours of the nearest baseball town car service near Milwaukee will cost you only:

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Let’s send off our baseball season to its “winter slumber” the only way we know how; in style.